Driving Brand Value: A New iPhone Game from Poketti

One of the rewards of working with young entrepreneurs is that the potential for the company is without limits. We started, of course, with Poketti Plushies with a Pocket, stuffed animal pillows with a useful back pocket to hold your phone or notebook. But the vision has always been based on the model of Hello Kitty or Rilakumma, where we'd have accessories and other products under the Poketti brand. 

We have already created a pocket-sized notebook, stickers, greeting cards, and a brand-new activity book filled with coloring pages and puzzles. Everything we create is meant to extend the value of our brand experience. That means we include special surprises in every box we ship, and that we are always looking at new ideas. We have sketches for Series2 (panda! pig! pony!), and are exploring the possibility of doing pencil sets and erasers. 3D printing is brought up quite a bit around our dinner table, too. Truly, Sydney and Toni have many, many ideas....and so do their friends!

Their creativity isn't just for physical products. Sydney and Toni are busy writing scripts and shooting their Young Entrepreneur WebSeries....and this summer was devoted to our latest project -- one that you can actually hold in your hand!

Introducing a new, free game for the iPhone and iPad: Poketti Confetti. Search Poketti and download it now from the App Store! 

Sydney and Toni learned coding skills at The Girls' Middle School but not quite enough to create a user-ready game for iOS. So, we enlisted the help of our long-time friend and neighbor Peter Kuimelis. He's a graduate of Gunn High School and home for the summer after his first year at University of Chicago. Peter grew up playing video games, and was eager to start on his first end-to-end project. 

After a kick-off brainstorming meeting, Peter set to work to create a simple but challenging game that is both addicting and rewarding. Sydney provided the artwork and graphics, and within a week, Poketti Confetti was ready.

The game features Poketti Series1 characters falling from the sky -- and you tap the pocket on the bottom to catch them. It gets increasingly faster, and has our signature music behind so you can dance along. A spray of confetti celebrates a new high score, and special clouds give you powerups like another life. It's really fun and our family is in a heated battle for high score (I think Toni holds the current record of 507). 

Peter is another amazing example of a young entrepreneur. He brought to life our game with added touches that were better than we ever expected. We're very proud of this achievement, and are excited to explore what apps can do for the future of our business.

So, go ahead and give it try! Please search Poketti Confetti on the App Store, download, rate and share with your friends! Or you can play the game on our site!

Have fun and happy summer!


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