Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? You're never too young to start!

When we founded Poketti, we set out to create irresistible stuffed toys that everyone would love. We found that we also love inspiring other hopeful young entrepreneurs! We were fortunate to have a 7th-grade entrepreneurial class where we learned the basics of running a business, from making and selling a product to pitching it to real Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists. We realize not everyone is so lucky and we're determined to share with you all that we have learned on our exciting journey so far! 

We hope you enjoy The Young Entrepreneur's Handbook which features step-by-step activities that will help you realize your dreams! And please subscribe to Poketti's YouTube Channel where we share fun and useful tips and tricks. Please contact us below and join us on social media (@poketti or #pocketpowered) to share your stories and ideas with us! 

xoSydney and Toni