Our Team

Poketti Girls Holding Plushies Series2

Sydney Head Shot

Sydney Loew
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Favorite Poketti: Sydney the Penguin
Personality: Ambitious, Creative, A Born Leader
Life's Goal: To put a Poketti in every bedroom in America.
Poketti Pocket Powers: Confidence, Creativity, Innovation

When Sydney isn't doing homework for APUSH, she is dancing in ballet class, drawing a new portrait or comic, leading her Entrepreneur Club, or doing something creative for Poketti. She loves to binge watch TV and eat Chipotle. Sydney is currently a Junior at Castilleja School in Palo Alto, CA.


Toni Head Shot

Toni Loew
Founder and Chief Idea Officer

Favorite Poketti: Toni the Bunny
Personality: Caring, Empathetic, Funny
Life's Goal: To write and perform as a professional pianist
Poketti Pocket Powers: Kindness, Creativity, Generosity

Whether it's learning or composing a new song, Toni plays piano every chance she gets. She loves to draw, do ballet, and work on Poketti with her sister. Her business instincts and creative ideas drive the direction of the company. Toni is currently a Freshman at Castilleja School in Palo Alto, CA.


Kris Loew
Founder and Chief Accelerator

Favorite (Future) Poketti: Jude the Giraffe
Personality: Intuitive, Productive, Happy
Life's Goal: To write an inspiring novel
Poketti Pocket Powers: Purpose, Creativity, Curiosity

Kris is a graphic designer and writer, who feels fortunate every day to work side by side with her daughters. At Poketti, she finds opportunities and moves things along while Sydney and Toni are at school. She plays the piano (but not as well as Toni) and loves to read and learn new things. She's in awe of her husband Chris and hopes to clean out the garage someday.