Meet the Poketti Girls

One of the best things about having a business is sharing our experience with other young entrepreneurs, and offering tips, advice, and inspiration. We hope you enjoy the videos below and please subscribe to our channel on YouTube for the very latest!


Brainstorming 101
VIDEO  |  How to Brainstorm a New Idea for a Business

Do you want to start a business but have no "idea" where to start? Learn to brainstorm new ideas by focusing on problems that need to be solved and on how you might improve something that can be even better! It's really fun and your only limit is your imagination! 


Poketti Series2
VIDEO  |  Introducing Series2: Smaller, Brighter, Smarter

Watch our eight adorable Series2 characters come to life (literally!) and learn more about how they can inspire you with their Pocket Powers! 


Elevator Pitch
VIDEO  |  How to Create an Elevator Pitch in 5 Steps

The most important thing Sydney and Toni have learned as young entrepreneurs is to always BE PREPARED. You never know who you might meet, or what opportunities may arise, big or small. Having a short and effective Elevator Pitch to explain your business is an important tool for any business, and here the girls show you exactly how to create one. 


Social Media Tips
VIDEO  |  Social Media Strategies from the Experts (Teens)

In this video, Sydney and Toni share tips, tricks and insight for growing for your Social Media network. Naturally, you'll want to see what you can learn from two girls who act as if the iPhone is a body part. Don't worry, there is a glossary of terms at the end. They cover:

- A breakdown of social media basics
- The art of the hashtag
- How to increase your followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
- How to steal followers from your competition
- How to save time managing your accounts 
- Tips on engaging with your audience


Kids' Guide to Getting What You Want
VIDEO  |  The Art of Manipulation (or How to Get your Parents to Buy you a Poketti)

Sydney and Toni show you how to convince your parents to buy you a Poketti (or anything, for that matter!). It really works!


Poketti TV Commercial
VIDEO  |  Official Poketti TV Commercial 

Poketti's first ever TV commercial made entirely by Sydney and Toni (except when mom Kris had to film them at the same time). The rap was done by our amazingly talented friend Emily Jump (isn't she awesome?).


Poketti's Story for ICON Honors
VIDEO  |  Poketti Honored for Innovated Branding at AmericasMart Atlanta ICON Honors

Poketti was given an ICON Honor from AmericasMart Atlanta for Innovative Branding. The group produced this professional video for the ceremony. Sydney and Toni's acceptance speech is at the end. 


Poketti on Kickstarter
VIDEO  |  Stop Motion Animation Introducing Series1 Poketti for Kickstarter Campaign

This stop-motion animation video was created by Sydney and Toni for our Kickstarter campaign. We used crowd-funding to raise money for manufacturing during the summer of 2013.