The Business of Building Young Entrepreneurs — Kids

Social Media for Small Business Explained by Experts (Teens)

We had a jam-packed summer of exciting business activities for Poketti, and I really hate to see it come to an end. School and ballet will start in two weeks, and that means lonely days for me without my business partners by my side. Sniff. 

This summer, Sydney and Toni launched their Young Entrepreneurs Web Series. Their first video was just plain fun, teaching kids the art of manipulation, or "how to convince your parents to buy you a Poketti" (or any toy for that matter). It's a proven strategy, take it from me.

They released their second episode just yesterday. In this video, they share tips,...

Driving Brand Value: A New iPhone Game from Poketti

One of the rewards of working with young entrepreneurs is that the potential for the company is without limits. We started, of course, with Poketti Plushies with a Pocket, stuffed animal pillows with a useful back pocket to hold your phone or notebook. But the vision has always been based on the model of Hello Kitty or Rilakumma, where we'd have accessories and other products under the Poketti brand. 

We have already created a pocket-sized notebook, stickers, greeting cards, and a brand-new activity book filled with coloring pages and puzzles. Everything we create is meant to extend the value of our brand experience....

How to convince your parents to buy you a Poketti Plushie!

Summer for Sydney and Toni, co-founders of Poketti, means getting some creative work done for their company. They especially love fulfilling orders, and we just haven't had enough of those lately to keep them satisfied. So, we put Poketti on sale (just $12.99 for a limited time!), and made this video for all the kids out there whose parents need a little "convincing." Beware parents, it always seems to work on me! 

Enjoy! And please tell your friends about our business -- the girls put some love in every box!

-Kris (loving mom, terrible actor)