Fun with Poketti


As young entrepreneurs, one of our favorite parts of having a business is inspiring other kids to follow their dreams. We've learned so much on our journey so far and are excited to share some of our lessons learned with you.

Poketti Girls

We hope our fun and informative videos will empower you to start your business (and learn more about ours!). Learn how to create an elevator pitch, or use social media to grow your business — or explore the power of persuasion (especially helpful if you need to convince them to buy you a Poketti)! We're working on more, so please visit us again or subscribe to our YouTube channel

Introducing Series2

Poketti Plushies with Pocket Powers are designed to inspire you to dream big, take on challenges, and think of others. Check out our Poketti Pocket Powers page for activities and quotes to learn how to be: confident, kind, generous, curious, innovative, creative, strong, and honest.