Poketti Games

Poketti Plushies with a Pocket gives you a perfect place to store your phone — and now you can have a fun Poketti game on your phone! Download our new free game Poketti Confetti for your iPhone or iPad — now available on the Apple App Store! 

Instructions: catch the falling Poketti in the pocket by clicking the correlating pocket at the bottom before the Poketti hits the bottom. You'll see special clouds for power-ups to get more lives and to clear the screen. Watch out, it gets fast!

We developed Poketti Confetti with the brilliant help of Peter Kuimelis, our neighborhood friend who was home for the summer after his first year in college. After a few planning sessions, he took our graphics and made a super fun, addicting and very challenging game for us. Thank you, Peter!

Check back here for more activities, coming soon!